I am very happy that I finally decided to start writing a blog. The only reason stopped me all the time was my English. I moved to US almost 4 years ago with vocabulary of a hundred words. Well… I am still learning and for sure if you continue read my blog posts you will find out many grammar mistakes. I always appreciate when people correct me because that makes me learn faster. I still finding myself thinking in Bulgarian and translating to English which is never work because of the difference between the grammar rules.

I have so much to share about my art, art, history of art, artists, crafts, inspirations, passions…

Every person is born with some special talent, which you can nourish through hard work and lifelong education. My calling is to be an artist in the broadest sense of the word, and I knew it from a very young age, although the particular details were not clear at the time.

I had a great opportunity to study Art in a very special high school- National high school of stage and screen arts. It’s only one in the whole Balkans. I graduated in the profile: make up and wigs, specialty: theater, cinema and television decor and profession: artists ( that I copy from my diploma ) . After that  I studied fine art teaching in Plovdiv ( the name of my home town) University “Paisiy Hilendarski “ . During my whole education I have been trained and have substantial practice in drawing and composition, painting, and sculpture; I am an expert in theater, cinema and television decor design. My education has included history of art, architecture, theater and stage art.  That’s and the reason why I never keep myself in only one media. In my artist portfolio you can see watercolor, acrylic, ink, oil, jewelry and many different crafts. There’s no limits in Art!

I can’t wait to share more about my style, techniques , inspiration and stories behind every media and why I use it.

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