Nikolena, born and raised in Bulgaria, started painting as a young girl. After finishing Plovdiv High School of Arts, she graduated University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” with a Major in Art Education and obtained a Master Degree in Child Development and Psychology.

Leaving her beautiful home country Bulgaria was a big step, however Nikolena knew her journey had begun and moving to US would present unlimited opportunities for her dreams as an artist.

For Nikolena, painting is essential for life like food and breathing. In her artwork she reveals herself and how she perceives the world around. There is a story behind each of her paintings. She is inspired from everything around her, the nature, the ocean, the people, and life’s experiences. 

Nikolena is truly fond of the Impressionistic movement.

As an artist, she focuses entirely on oil and acrylic painting, and her impressionistic style is a fully visible play of colors and light.

Her paintings were shown at numerous exhibitions in Bulgaria, Italy, and California. Nikolena is a member of the Dana Point Fine Art Association, Oceanside Museum of Art Alliance and Laguna Plein Air Painters Association. Many collectors and fans from: BULGARIA, SWITZERLAND, ITALY, LUXEMBOURG and USA are among the owners of her art.


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